Event Updates

Goldenveiw Crit

Date 5-17-19

D 5:30pm – 20min (Novice/60+ Women & Juniors only)

C 6:00pm – 35min (Int/45+ Women & Novice Men

B 6:45pm – 45min (Open Women & Int/45+ Men)

A 7:35pm – 60min (Open)

Please check in at the Race Directors table 30 minutes before your division start.

Racers can select any division they deem appropriate. The above notations are suggestions to help new crit racers identify the correct division.

Arctic Bicycle Club is

a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting bicycling safety, education, and competition. Originally founded in Anchorage in the 1970s as a road cycling club, the Arctic Bicycle Club now offers a Road Racing Division, a Mountain Racing Division, and a Cyclocross Racing Division. These divisions offer racing opportunities for all experience levels.

To learn more about the entire Arctic Bicycle Club, visit www.arcticbikeclub.org

Note to parents

If you’re planning on signing your child up for a membership and races, please make sure to sign out before purchasing another membership. Each member, regardless of age, needs their own account. This helps staff keep track of race signups, automates race results, and is necessary for club insurance purposes.



RFID tags will need to be attached to your bike for races. Learn where and how to attach them here:



Online registration saves you time and makes our jobs way easier!


Day of registration will be available for most events but we encourage everyone to sign up in advance online. Time trials and events requiring base access are the two exceptions where day-of registration is not available.


  • Novice – Less than 2 years of experience racing or those riding less than 3 days per week.
  • Intermediate – More than 2 years of experience racing or those riding 3-5 days per week.
  • Open – Experienced racers or those riding 5-7 days per week.
  • Master 45+ – Those over the age of 45; this division tends to be fairly competitive.
  • Master 60+ – Those over the age of 60; this division tends to have racers with varying experience levels.
    • Note: all racers are free to self-select their division (i.e., if a racer is 47 years old they do not have to race in the master 45+ division).


An active Arctic Bicycle Club membership is required to participate in races for insurance purposes. Money collected from membership dues goes toward improving the Arctic Bicycle Club as a whole.


We want to encourage young riders to experience the joy of cycling. That’s why all riders 17 and under with an active junior membership ride for free in any race they sign up for!



Race bibles will tell you all you need to know about a race series.



A criterium, or “crit” is a super fun pack event based around tactics, strategy, and skill. The pack races for a set amount of time and the first racer to cross the line on the final “bell” lap wins. Drafting is allowed. Crits are typically very high intensity from the start.


Racers leave as a group (known in cycling as a peloton) by division and complete a set number of laps or distance. Road races tend to be longer in nature (1-3 hours) and require racers to work together in order to break away from the peloton. Drafting is allowed. 


Racers leave in a group, but gravity is your true competition. Drafting is allowed.


Racers are separated by 30 second intervals and drafting is not allowed. Most people start their road racing career at a time trial. Time trials tend to be the best introduction to road racing as pack riding is not involved, it’s just the individual racers against the clock. 


Medium distance, timed races similar to a road race. Think of a circuit race as somewhere in between a crit and a road race. Drafting is allowed.


Season Schedule




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Eagle River North Fork Time Trial 5-23-19

May 23

North Fork State Park

Old Rabbit Creek Road Circuit 6-6-19

June 06

Stork Park 7020 Clarks Rd

Posies – All Stages 2019

June 11

See Bibles

Posies # 1 – Moose Run Time Trial 6-11-19

June 11

JBER Range

Posies # 2 – Potter Hill Climb 6-13-19

June 13

Potter Mailboxes

Hatcher Pass HC 6-15-19

June 15

10725 N Palmer Fishhook

Posies # 3 – South High Crit 6-18-19

June 18

Kulis Business Park

Posies # 4 – Ruff Road 6-20-19

Base Access

June 20

Ruff Road

Eagle River Crit 6-27-19

Crit Series # 2

June 27

Kulis Business Park

Old Rabbit Creek Road Circuit 7-2-19

July 02

Stork Park 7020 Clarks Rd

TBD Crit 7-11-19

Crit Series #3

July 11


Eagle River North Fork Time Trial 7-18-19

July 18

North Fork State Park

South High Crit 7-25-19

Crit Series #4

July 25

South High School

Tour of Anchorage – All Stages 2019

August 01

See TOA Bible

TOA – Point Worozof Prologue 8-1-19

August 01

Point Woronof

TOA – Upper Huffman Hill Climb 8-2-19

August 02

Potter Mailboxes

TOA – Kincaid Road Race 8-3-19

August 03

Sand Lake Rd

TOA – Moose Run Time Trial 8-3-19

August 03

JBER Range

TOA – JL CRIT 8-4-19

August 04

JL Towers 3800 Centerpoint

Elmendorf Time Trial 8-17-19

Time Trial Championship

August 17


Glen Alps Hill Climb 8-22-19

Hill Climb Championship

August 22

Potter Mailboxes

Kulis Crit – End of Season Banquet 8-29-19

Crit Championship

August 29

Kulis Business Park